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The Benefits Of Balayage

| Hannah Meader

We all know by now that the balayage trend is here to stay; balayaged hair is always gorgeous! But it’s not just aesthetics alone that makes balayage one of the most popular hair colour services in salons worldwide. Here’s our rundown of some of the key benefits of balayage!

Benefit #1 – It’s low maintenance

Due to the soft natural blend up towards the roots, regrowth maintenance for balayage requires fewer visits to the salon.

Most clients with balayaged locks visit the salon every 10-12 weeks or so, but some even last up to 6 months before they feel like they need their balayage reapplied. It’s the perfect colour service if you have a super busy lifestyle with work, kids or other commitments.

If you like to keep your hair looking salon-fresh you can book in for a balayage refresh between your ‘full works’ session every 8 weeks or so. Your stylist will refresh your t-section before applying a toner all over to clean-up and perfect your hair!


Benefit #2 – It’s easy to personalise

If you want to add a pop of creative colour or change the depth or tone of your balayage this can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes.

Toners are gentle on your hair and last around 4-6 weeks. You can tweak your look between balayage appointments as frequently as you like.

Perfect if you love to change up your look and don’t want a long term commitment to one colour!

Benefit #3 – It’s Natural Looking

Balayage is most often used to compliment and enhance your natural hair colour rather than completely changing or hiding what mother nature gave you!

The natural tones and colours in our hair tend to be the tones and colours which suit us best. Working with them rather than against them is what will make your balayage result so jaw-dropping.

Balayage will give you a sun-kissed dimensional glow all year round!


Benefit #4 – You’ll be unique

Following on from benefit #3, your hair colour results will be unique to you. No more turning up to work to find out you accidentally dyed your hair the exact same shade as Jenny from accounts!

During your consultation you and your stylist will choose the colour placement and tones to best suit you. You’ll leave the salon with a one-of-a-kind hair masterpiece.

Benefit #5 – It’s for everyone

Due to the bespoke nature of balayage techniques and application processes this colour service is suitable for people with all hair types, lifestyles and personalities – so long as your hair is chin to shoulder length or longer, we can balayage you!

It’s even great for the guys too! Want sunkissed, beachy hair fellas?! Balayage!


Bonus Bits You Should Know!

  • We always recommend ensuring there is some layering in your haircut for best results, this ensures the depth and dimension of the colour is flaunted to its full potential.
  • If your hair is very over-processed or damaged, we wouldn’t recommend a lightening service until your hair is strong and healthy enough.
  • If your hair is already very blonde all over then we’d do a root melt or reverse balayage service to add those gorgeous deeper tones back in to achieve your desired look.

Want to know more? Contact us here at the salon or book in for a free consultation appointment with any of our stylists. We’d love to chat!

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