Five Healthy Habits for All Hair Types

| Hannah Meader

1- Heat Protection

1- Heat Protection

Always use heat protecting products when using heat to style your hair. Processed hair is more fragile. Use your hot tools as sparingly as possible and on the lowest heat setting you need to achieve the desired result.

2- Dry Your Hair Gently

2- Dry Your Hair Gently

Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Be gentle! Don’t ‘scrub’ your hair dry with a towel, gently squeeze from root to tip. If you have a microfibre towel (or even a cotton T-shirt), even better.

When blow drying, use your nozzle attachment to help direct the warm air down the hair shaft. This helps smooth the cuticle for ultra healthy, frizz & damage-free hair.

For curly hair, use the diffuser attachment to help control and encourage those curls. Low (heat) and Slow (speed) is the motto here!

3- Brush from the Bottom to the Top

3- Brush from the Bottom to the Top

The crunching sound of someone’s hair tearing as they force their brush through is absolutely gut-wrenching for a hairdresser!

Always start at the bottom of your locks and work through any tangles in small sections, working your way higher up the hair until the brush glides freely. Never force a brush through your hair, you’ll be snapping those strands for sure!

If your hair is particularly knotty it’s a good sign that it’s time for a trim; banish split ends to help prevent further damage.

4- Always use Conditioner!

4- Always use Conditioner!

It’s actually pretty common for us to hear from clients that they don’t use a conditioner. Often due to finding the product too heavy or greasy on their hair, or that it makes their hair ‘too smooth’ for styling.

Conditioner is a REALLY important step in the hair-washing process. It works to nourish your hair with all the good stuff after shampoo has stripped dirt, debris and oil. It also shuts down the hair cuticle to smooth your hair shaft, reducing tangles, frizz and therefore preventing damage.

If your hair is too heavy or feels greasy after conditioning the chances are that it’s not conditioner in general which is causing the problem, just that you’re using the wrong product for your hair type. Chat with us, we’ll love to help you find a solution.

If you don’t like that soft, smooth feel after conditioning we recommend using a styling product which mattifies hair and gives grip and texture. Height Riser Powder and Texture Builder Spray are faves for this in the salon.

5- Choose your Hairstyle for YOU!

5- Choose your Hairstyle for YOU!

This is soooo important. Seriously. You should always choose the style, colour, length of hair that YOU want.

Friends, family, colleagues, and even random strangers will be quick to tell you what they think will look good based on what THEY like.

Us hairdressers will be thrilled to advise and guide you.

But at the end of the day, the only way you will ever truly LOVE your hair is by choosing what YOU want. No matter how crazy or boring that might be for someone else.

So long as YOU love your hair, you’ll be confident and beautiful.

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